About ConsciousBeing

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I started this page with the intent of sharing ideas, concepts, principles and practices I have found to be tremendously powerful and inspirational in my life. Let me take a moment to share a little about myself. My name is Matt Wolfe, I have a beautiful wife and 2 wonderful children. A brief history: I joined the military when I was 17 and a junior in high school. I spent 15 months in Afghanistan and it was during this time that my eyes started to open to the ways of the world. I came home and began my journey for truth. That was 6 years ago. Along this path, I have learned a great deal. Through my studies into politics, economics, history, media, philosophy and law, I stumbled across a few transformational courses here in New Mexico with a Non-Profit Community Leadership Foundation. The knowledge I have gathered here has empowered me with a lens through which I interpret the world. I have learned simple, yet effective practices that have empowered me with the ability to manifest an intended reality and experience. I have expanded my context or consciousness, and have learned how to be more effective in every domain of my life. This blog is dedicated to sharing these practices with you. I constantly seek out information and related content from other sources as well. I will be sharing any and all content I find to be valuable with the hopes of expanding the context of possibilities for the reader. This blog works best and creates the most value with DISCUSSION! For me, discussions have been, and continue to be, essential to my own development. I hope you share this view and actively engage, comment, and share.

Don’t forget to visit my other page: https://consciouseconomist.wordpress.com/ where I take various concepts and ideas of transformation and apply them in a practical way to our economic, political and legal worlds. The intent here is to illustrate how the application of this Higher Thought process can and will dramatically influence the reality we experience collectively.


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