21 Day Challenge Day 21, Share The Love


Today you will complete the 21 Day Feel Good Challenge. I want to congratulate you on taking the steps to change your mood. How are you? What has already changed? Please email me at consciousbeing86@gmail.com and tell me about how the challenge went. Share with me your experiences. 

People in our modern lives are stingy with love. The love is rarely shared or only expressed in very specific circumstances. The truth is that love is an unending resource. It is found in our hearts, but we can forget it or even bury it under pain, stress, and trauma. If we really want to feel better we need to open up to our own love.

At first love embarrassed me. I was scared to share it or express it. I feared rejection or reproach and this fear distanced me from love. I was taught that if I got any love in life then I was “lucky.” Why was I never taught that I was filled with love? Why was I never taught that my heart was an infinite resource for myself and others? Why was I never taught that every human being is filled with this same love in the heart?

Little by little I got over my fear. I started connecting with the love in my heart everyday. I would take a few minutes to connect with love and keep it in my thoughts. I started to give it to myself all the time and express it to the others that I knew would be receptive. The more I shared love the better I felt all the time. Love simply changed my life. I learned that love had the power to balance all of my other emotions. I just had to open up to it.

Activity: Tell someone “I love you,” and really mean it. If you would like to tell more than one person, do so.

Hint: The words “I love you” when they are really meant are magical. Experience this magic.


“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


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