21 Day Challenge Day 18, Self Worth


You have almost completed the 21 Day Challenge. Yes!!! You have given yourself a gift by participating. I am proud of you. You have shown courage and are gaining the benefits. Now let’s continue to let this gift give back to you.

Life is filled with some basic truths. We are born into one universe. We are born to our parents. We live life. You are one human being. You are real.

After that things become very comparative. This endless comparison leads us to diminishing our internal worth, love, and connection. Many people have been taught to not like themselves. We are stuck with ourselves… We are ourselves. How could that not be enough?

People have been taught to see all the differences but not the similarities. We have been taught to compete over everything. We have been taught to step on those around us to get ahead. How has that affected us? How can we even like ourselves when we live in such intense, competitive environments?

The simple truth is that you are enough in every single moment of every single day. Your worth is found in your existence, not only your achievements. In each moment you are everything you will ever need to be. This includes your evolution and change. It includes your development and ability to learn. But right NOW, in this very moment, you already are everything you will ever need to be.

Activity: For 3 minutes, 3 times today, say, “I am everything I will ever need to be.” Play close attention to the meaning of the words as you say them.

Hint: We often feel that we are not good enough or worthy, but that is not true. When we connect to truth we experience an internal liberation that brings our self space and freedom. Give yourself this gift of truth.

“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


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