21 Day Challenge Day 17, Focus on Forgiveness



Earlier in the 21 Day Challenge we faced forgiving the self. Forgiveness will come back over and over again as you address difficult aspects of your life. At each layer you will find other pieces to forgive.

Imagine knowing forgiveness as a life skill. Think about the ease and grace you can experience when you forgive as soon as the need appears. Instead of carrying around the weight of pain and suffering caused by outside forces, you can forgive and move on in life. Trauma Liberation Technique teaches the very best ways to do this.

I found that focusing on forgiveness mattered the most. I was connecting with forgiveness and spending time with it. I understood the importance of forgiveness to release me from the pain and suffering. It had nothing to do with anything or anyone else. Forgiveness is all about feeling your own freedom. When I faced difficult things to forgive, real traumas and wrongdoings from my life, I turned to the Trauma Liberation Technique.

Activity: For 2 minutes, 5 times in the day, say “I forgive everything” while lightly tapping your chest over your heart and connecting to the love inside.

Hint: Life is filled with very difficult experiences and we carry the weight of them until we can forgive and let go. When we forgive, we receive freedom, love, joy, and peace. When we are ready to feel better, nothing stands in the way of our own forgiveness and we are liberated. The greatest courage in life is to forgive and move on.

“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


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