21 Day Challenge Day 14, The Beauty Of Life



Ah… the complexity of life astounds the senses. Life is bursting out of almost every crack in the pavement. The earth is amazing. In our minds, we get cut off and separated from our true home: Earth.
In the overwhelming maze of details and activities we face every day, it is easy to lose sight of the detail and beauty found in nature. Even when you live in an urban environment, life is everywhere. You are alive as well as the plants and animals. The more we fill a day with beauty, positive activities, and fun, the better life gets.
It is very important to open an internal connection to beauty. The ability to appreciate it revolutionizes how we feel. We can connect multiple times a day, just by being aware of it and letting it in.

Activity Part 1: Take a short walk around your neighborhood and pay rapt attention to all the detail you observe. Look at the smallest things to the largest and find as much beauty as possible. Receive this beauty.

Hint Part 1: In our busy day, the magnitude of life is lost. Once again connect with the amazing variety, detail, and complexity in world around you. You are part of this astonishing, beautiful world.

Activity Part 2: Have an in-depth conversation with a friend or loved one about your experiences in the 21 Day Feel Good Challenge. Share with them how these simple yet profound activities have already helped you shift your emotions.

Hint Part 2: When you speak from your truth and your heart, others can hear you. 


Ps. Continue to share your success with others. Post on your social media all the breakthroughs and realizations you have had so far!

“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


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