21 Day Challenge Day 13, Speak Your Truth


You have faced your hate, anger, and dislikes, and liberated life from negative description. You are now ready to taste the greatest virtue of all… your own TRUTH.

Your truth represents what IS as it applies to you. Time is always passing, true. Life is always evolving and changing, true. Your past is exactly what you experienced, true.

We are not taught or often given the space to express our truth. It confused me. If truth were so important, why could we not express it? What was holding us back?

While the greater collective may not be ready for your truth, you are! You can tell yourself your truth. You can speak inwardly and express it without fear of consequence or reproach. You can connect with your heart and be totally engaged in your truth. It does not matter if it is negative or positive. The only thing that matters is that you express how you truly feel.

Activity: For 3 minutes, 3 times in the day, focus on your heart and tell your heart how you truthfully feel even if it is very negative.

Hint: The truth makes us feel better even when it’s hard to accept. It unlocks something magical about life. To master your emotions and shift how you are feeling every day, truth is key. Offer yourself this gift of truth on a regular basis and touch the magical effervescence that comes from this open internal channel.


“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


One thought on “21 Day Challenge Day 13, Speak Your Truth

  1. This is equivalent to a tall glass of cold water to one whose thirst has been quenched by simply reading the words. Thank you for the tip, and God bless you.

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