21 Day Challenge Day 12, Loving What Is



Once you start letting go of deep seeded negativity, you can start to address life in a more trusting way. Life gets the blame for all the bad things that happen, but it rarely gets credit for all the good. I almost never hear people say in response to a good day, “That’s just life.” But I do hear them say “That’s just life” when they have experienced the low points, disappointments, depression, and trauma.

I want to send you a lifeline and share with you the virtue of acceptance. I know this is not easy, but when I find neutrality about life, I feel the release of great stress and pressure. Life is the whole experience. It is a totality and can only honestly be described by including all experiences we have, positive and negative alike.

Activity: For 3 minutes, 3 times today say, “Life is” (just say it without over-thinking it).

Hint: Life is something we live everyday. Our own description of life can limit our scope and understanding of this greatest gift. When we free life from our own description, we can see it once again with clarity and openness. In your own description, give life the space to be free and life will return the gift of freedom to you.


“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


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