21 Day Challenge Day 11, Disarming the Negative


 Our daily life is saturated with things we don’t like. I wish that life were simpler and our desires were easier to fulfill. There is a need for balance, but when I look at our societies, communities, and the media I see an overwhelming bend to darkness, negativity, pain and suffering. We are force-fed things to hate and dislike.

This hate and dislike comes with a consequence. It poisons us internally. It connects to memories, injustices, fears, and traumas, creating a never-ending cycle of painful fixation. The more we repeat inner-darkness, the more we are colored by it.

There has to be a way to break this cycle. The purpose is personal liberation, not absolution of those that created the trauma. When you are really ready to feel better, nothing will stand in your way, especially the occurrences of the past. Your inner-courage is stronger than any trauma or fear.

Activity: For 3 minutes, 3 times during the day, summon the thought, love. Then imagine sending that thought to anyone or anything you think you hate or dislike. Do this one person or thing at a time. If you run out of things, start over and repeat until the 3 minutes has passed.   
Hint: We need to minimize the conflict in our lives. We hold on to many of the things that get us down. We can disarm the negativity through this exercise. Focus on the neutrality, peace, stability, and freedom that is created. Don’t get bogged down in the rationale around holding onto the past. Release it all once and feel liberated.



“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


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