21 Day Challenge Day 10, Taste Every Bite!


I know you have been working it pretty hard over the last several days. Forgiveness, love, and heart are cornerstones to shifting mood and how we feel, but we need enjoyment, fun, and play in our lives to feel good too.

I never understood why there seemed to be ample problems in life, yet few things that brought fun and pleasure. What was so wrong with feeling good? Nothing! I started to look for all the ways I could enjoy a few moments here and there. I figured the more time I spent enjoying things, the happier I would become.

I looked at the activities I had to do every day over and over again. I wanted to find a way to make them fun. I saw that I ate food everyday and that my mind was often focused on other things while I ate. So I decided to take a “time out” and really enjoy the pleasure of good food.

Activity: Pay complete attention to the taste of every bite of food you eat for an entire meal. Enjoy the complexity of flavors and textures. Go deep and see how connecting to our food changes our experience of eating. Allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of great flavors.

Hint: Mindfulness and focus are paramount to our mental and emotional stability. The practice of paying attention is key to unlocking these virtues. When we pay attention to enjoyable moments in life, we receive more from them. It enriches how we experience and shifts how we feel.


“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


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