21 Day Challenge Day 8, Forgive Yourself


We begin the second week looking at the virtue of forgiveness. This life skill has been tossed around the healing traditions for millennia. It would have been much easier if life had never created the need to forgive in the first place… but that has not been the case. If anything, our daily life creates the need for forgiveness over and over again.
When I first looked at forgiveness, I thought it was something that I could do once and be done with. Instead, I learned that it is an important skill, one that we can apply to any situation to help us stabilize our feelings and release the pain and negativity associated with the past. I found out that the best way to learn forgiveness was to practice it.
Forgiveness was so vast and complex, it looked daunting or even impossible. But once I saw that we needed to begin the journey of forgiveness with the self, everything became so much easier.

Activity: For 3 minutes, 3 times today, say “I forgive myself.”
Hint: Forgiveness is a key virtue to transforming how you feel. Your own forgiveness will free you from self-inflicted judgment and criticism. Forgiveness unlocks the ability to love yourself again. When you say the phrase, connect with the meaning of forgiveness, not just empty words. Look at how life was very complex and how you did not always have control of your participation or role. Search within to find the easiest and simplest parts of your past actions, words, and behaviors that you can already forgive.


“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


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