21 Day Challenge Day 7, Love Yourself


Congratulations to all of you who have stuck with this challenge thus far.  Today will mark completion of the first week of the 21 Day Feel Good Challenge. You are well on your way to gaining the experience and ability to guide your emotions and feel better. I am proud of you for taking the chance and believing in your ability to evolve.

Yesterday you gave yourself the gift of freedom to be yourself, and today we are going to start to connect with self on a deeper level. One thing is to open the space for change and another is to do something designed to deepen and expand that change.

In my life, I was trying to connect with the deepest part of myself, but I couldn’t do it. While that may seem silly, I had been taught to look outward not inward. It seemed weird and uncomfortable. Finally I decided to use a mirror, my own eyes, and a simple statement, “I love you.”

Activity: Today’s activity has two parts.

Part 1: Give yourself the gift of your own love. Look through your eyes in a mirror for 5 minutes twice in the day while saying, “I love you.” Regardless of your impulse or what comes up for you, maintain your gaze through your eyes.
Hint: The mirror gives you the ability to see the true You within. You are what really matters. Connect with the truth within and give yourself love. It can cause emotional release and make you feel better. No matter what comes up, hold the gaze and keep saying the phrase, “I love you.” If tears come, let them flow until they become tears of joy, heart, and release.
Part 2: Tell all your friends and supporters that you have completed the first week of the Blue Morpho Foundation 21 Day Feel Good Challenge. Post on your social media and let everyone know that you are taking steps to feel better and live the life that means the most to you. Ask them for support.
Hint: It can be difficult to share our honesty with others, but it is necessary. As you change and grow, the people closest to you have to change too. They need to adjust to the “new” you. Open communication is the easiest way to do this. Don’t worry about their responses. This is not about them. This is about you and your feelings. By reaching out, you will see the people that really care for you in their support and kindness.

“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


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