21 Day Challenge, Day 5 Facing Your Fear


So far I have merely copied and pasted the daily challenges I receive in my email here to my blog to share with you all. We have reached a point that the emails are a bit more personal, in the sense that they are addressed to me personally and he offers some courses and there may be links in the email and so on. So in the interest of providing contextual content in my blog, I may reword these emails to fit a more general audience, staying true to the original intent of course. The activities are in no way edited. With this in mind, I strongly urge anyone interested, to check out https://bluemorphofoundation.org/ and sign up for the 21 day challenge to receive your own personal emails. I want to promote Hamilton’s efforts as much as my own. I certainly don’t mean to take anything away from what his organization has to offer by offering the same content here. But for those of you that are perfectly satisfied reading my blog and applying the practices straight from here, I don’t think there would be any objections. The goal, I would presume, is for more people to be empowered with these simple yet effective tools. So, here is your challenge for day 5.

Each time I tried to make significant changes in my life, I was confronted by fear. Fear would show up and make changing more difficult. At first I was scared, and then I was fascinated by it. It always knew the exact moment to show its face and slow my progress. I saw that fear was something that was universal to humanity. We all suffered from it and had little we could do to transcend it. I want to show humanity that fear will no longer be a block to our personal development, and that change could be simple.

I turned my fears into the triggers to remember and find love within. The fear was the trigger to my healing. In my day, when a fear or anxiety appeared, I would recognize it and then immediately focus on love within. It became a game I played with fear itself. I would let my normal fear-provoking life provide the fear, and then I would disengage from it and focus on my heart, love, a memory of love, natural beauty, or good life experiences. While fear was always fear, my connection to the good things in life kept increasing over time. That connection eventually outnumbered and outweighed the fear, and I was no longer encumbered by it.

Activity: In your day, whenever you think about scenarios that provoke fear, focus on a memory or experience that conjures love within. Really try to feel the connection with love, beauty, or neutrality.

Hint: Fear and anxiety bring us down. They limit our creativity and how we experience a day. Love has the ability to dissolve the fear. Connect with the feeling of love as deep as you can. If the fear is strong, make your mind remember more and more beauty, moments of courage, and heart.
(Content edited for contextual relevance)

“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


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