To Smudge, or Not to Smudge

Clearing The Air

Posted on 7 Hours Ago by brittanywhiteside90

Have you ever felt like something was just off in your home? I’m not talking about ghosts or demons or someone watching you. Nothing like that. But maybe a heaviness or a bad vibe? Some weird and unpleasant feelings only associated with your home? It wasn’t until recently that I started putting two and two together and realizing that something was up in our house. You know how in cartoons a character will have a rain cloud hanging over their head when they’re sad or having a hard time? That’s how our house has felt since moving in.

We moved from Texas into our new home in New Mexico in May. Matt and I were estatic about the move and all of the new possibilities that would be available to us. Matt has an amazing support system here, better school opportunities for Harper and I was finally getting to be around “my kind of people”…hippies, yogis, people who eat organic, vegan food, etc. So it should have been nothing but happiness, and it was for a few days.

The unpleasantness started out small and in the form of normal stresses. We were stressed about finances from moving, Harper started acting out, everyone was just in a bad mood all around (Matt has been seemingly unaffected by all of this lol), and our AC and hot water weren’t working upon us moving in so we went several days without those necessities. As soon as we would battle our way out of an issue, life would level us up to something more challenging. Our account went into the negative, we were behind on our credit cards that we had maxed out to move here, our electricity got shut off for 5 days due to an issue with our electric company, my brakes went out at work and our bank put a hold on our checking after I had deposited my whole paycheck, all within the same 3 days. On top of all that monsense, Harper still refuses to sleep in her room and has started telling us that she doesn’t like our house…you get the picture. Every thing that could go wrong, has gone wrong.

Now, I’m not blaming our problems on bad energy from the house. A lot can be said about the choices we have made, the energy we’ve been putting out and us vibrating at a lower frequency. But  it definitely can’t hurt to clear out any bad energy lingering around. Our home was a foreclosure so I can only imagine the stresses, anger and sadness left behind of losing your beloved home. On top of that, we brought our own stresses into the mix of energy so it’s really no wonder that we have a gloomy home.

So what is smudging exactly? In short, smudging is a ritual used to clear negative energy from a space and/or people using smudge sticks usually made from sage bundles and other herbs such as lavendar. I’ve heard it’s beneficial to light your smudge stick and go clock-wise starting from your front door, waving the smoke into the air while making sure all doors and windows are open to get air circulating, and getting into all corners and closets, then extinguishing the stick back at your front door. Then other sources say to stay to the left, start at the kitchen, etc. While I do believe herbs and essential oils have amazing healing properties I think what’s most important is to set an intention for the smudging of your space and focus on your breathing while you preform the ritual. “What you speak, becomes” right? We will be doing a smudging of our home this weekend so please check back for an update!

You can find out more about smudging here and here.

If you’re interested in purchasing a smudge stick you can visit this group or check out Etsy listings.


“I am an AWESOME, conscious, aware, kind, loving, being!” -Matt Wolfe


2 thoughts on “To Smudge, or Not to Smudge

    1. I think many underestimate the power of intention. When we choose our actions from our intentions, it’s like the universe gets out of the way and oppertunities seem to present themselves seemingly out if no where.


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