Love IS The Answer


What we choose to be, manifest in our lives. It’s really that simple. I’d like to share a practice I’ve adopted in my life that has absolutely changed my world!

I’ve recently learned and experienced the power of intention. However this is not the topic I wish to address. I only hope to set the context for the experience I wish to share. Each and every day I set an intention. I consciously choose what I’m committed to creating and I set an intention for my emotional experience as well. What emotional state of being am I committed to today? Depending on what comes up for me in that moment or what other tasks I have scheduled for the day, I always choose an emotional state of being that will serve me in honoring all of my committments for the day. If I have a busy day full of “to-dos”, then setting an intention to be rigorous may serve me. If I’m feeling down or depressed, setting the intention to be joyful and happy serves me in shifting into that experience. If I am feeling lack or find myself stuck in a scarcity mindset, I set the intention for love and abundance. I’ll be speaking more in depth on this particular practice in a latter post.

Several months back I set my intention for the day to be love and abundance; and this is how it showed up for me that day:

I was in Albuquerque attending a transformational workshop and the weekend was coming to an end. I was actually about to start my journey home back to Texas when I stopped at a gas station to fuel up. It had been a super busy and eventful day so my mind was racing with all this new information I had just been introduced to and my mind was a bit distracted to say the least. Typically, I leave my truck running while I fuel up and I go inside to grab a water or snack for the road. I know, it’s probably not the best habit to be in, but I’ve never had a concern of heaving my truck stolen because I left the keys in it or doors unlocked. I come from a much smaller town than Albuquerque where things like this just don’t happen all that often. On this particular day, however, I presenced fear set in. While I was fueling and about to leave my truck to walk inside the store, I saw a homeless man approaching people in the parking lot. He was covered in tattoos. His eyebrows, top of his head and entire body was covered in tattoos. To say the least, he looked like a gang member or some violent criminal. Keep in mind, I have several tattoos myself. I love tattoos, so I find it interesting that I was judging this individual based solely on his appearance. Shame on me right!? This judgment opened the door for fear to set in. Thoughts like “If I leave my keys in the ignition while I walk inside the store, what’s to stop this guy from stealing my truck? He is clearly begging for money and who knows what a man in desperation will do…” As I reached in my truck to turn it off and lock the doors I realized right then what I was doing. I was choosing my actions based on this fear and scarcity mindset. Now I’m certainly not advising you leave your vehicles unlocked or follow my bad habits. Rather I hope to illustrate the place from which my actions where chosen from. That’s what this post is really about. Not whether or not it’s a good idea to lock your doors or have some level of security in your life. We can all agree it’s probably a wiser choice to keep valuable possessions, like your vehicle, safe and secure.

I remembered my intention I set for the day. I declared that I was going to be love and abundance. Where my actions coming from a place of love and abundance? Not at all. Before I could really even process all of this I turned around to see the man standing right in front of me. The man had tears in his eyes. Can you imagine, a rough and rowdy looking man, covered in what he later explained to be prison tattoos, standing there, with so much emotion, fear and desperation, that it was all he could do not to break down crying right there in front of me!?

He began to tell me his story. He was just released from prison and couldn’t find a job. He and his mother were living in his car, parked in the same parking lot. His mother was a severe diabetic and all he was asking for was a bag of chips or candy for his mother. He wasn’t asking for money, or food for himself. His well being was the least of his concerns. I could literally see the fear in his eyes for his mother’s health and well being.

This was my oppertunity to BE what I said I was going to be. I got to shift right then into my intention. I left my truck running, as usual, and walked into the store to buy him and his mother a few sandwiches, chips, and water. When I walked back outside and handed the man this bag of food, he thanked me repeatedly. I immediately felt his gratitude. He walked back to his car to give the food to his mother and I proceeded to put the gas pump away and get in my truck to begin my travels. Moments later the man came back over to me to express his gratitude once more, again with tears in his eyes. This time, he explained, the gratitude was from his mother. It was all I could do not to loose it right there in front of him. Now two grown men covered in tattoos with huge lumos in our throats are doing everything we can to choke back the tears! The only thing I could do at this point was give this man a heartfelt hug. At that moment a very real energy could be felt. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. This was love. I truly loved this man and his mother, and I felt his love as well. A kind of love words can never adequately describe. To truly feel this kind of love for a complete stranger is a THE experience I was meant to have in that moment. That was my lesson. To show this man amd his mother what true love is was his purpose and lesson. The universe has a very unique way of teaching us these things doesn’t it!?

On my 13 hour drive home, I could not stop thinking about this experience. What could have happened if I followed through with my fear based actions? What would that have produced and manifested in my life? The man was clearly in an emotional state of being, fearing for his mother’s life. What would I have done if I were in his shoes? Is it possible that had I locked my doors and ignored this man’s cries for help that he would have broken into my truck and stolen it anyway out of sheer desperation; or taken my computer or other possessions to sell that I had out in the open in the back seat? I can’t say for certain how things could have played out, only that I know the energy we choose to emit into the universe comes back to us in kind. If we put fear, scarcity and lack out into the world, we will experience fear, scarcity and lack in our lives. Likewise if we choose to put love, abundance and joy into the world, our lives will be overflowing with love, abundance and joy!

When faced with the choice of acting from fear or love, choose love and watch your life transform right in front of you. My life sure hasn’t been the same since this event. I have experienced more abundance, love and support since this day than I have in my entire life. Perhaps all those great philosophers throughout history were on to something when they said “Love is the answer.”

“I Am an Awesome Conscious, Aware, Kind, Loving Being!” -Matt Wolfe


One thought on “Love IS The Answer

  1. Wow 🙂 I am mean a great experience to share with people and loved your courage to fight back your fear when you left your truck running, as usual, and walked into the store to buy food for that man and his mother 🙂 I know this was the toughest decision you took 🙂 I have gone through this moment where i had my prejudice against someone and i have fought hard to prove myself wrong in-order to make my heart pure 🙂

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