Context vs Content

Context vs Content

This one is not the easiest to explain, nor is it the easiest to really comprehend and wrap your mind around. At least it wasn’t for me. You might look at a cup of coffee as an example. The context is the cup. The content is the coffee. The context is what holds the content. I think an even better example is the soil and the plant. The soil is the context and the plant is the content. The content ALWAYS comes out of the context. If your soil is lacking in nutrition, the plant will grow weak, withered, and eventually die because the context won’t allow anything else to exist.


So let’s blow that example up to a much bigger scale. Your context is the realm of possibilities in your life. Your experience, or content, comes out of those possibilities. You could say the context is your worldview. It is the lens through which you interpret your environment. If your context (worldview) is toxic and negative, the only experience or content you can possibly create is going to be toxic because no other possibility exist within your context. The lens through which you interpret your environment will naturally focus and hone in on the negative. Conversely if you expand your context to include other more positive or even intended possibilities then your content may begin to shift to include the intended positive reality full of alternate possibilities that did not previously exist for you.

Have you ever met someone who always has a bad day? They are always being victimized. Someone is always doing something to them. To the victim, everything is always someone else fault. The reality is, that’s all they are capable of seeing. I look through my Facebook feed and I see so many scarcity conversations and victim mentalities. The government is evil, the human species is doomed, people are sheep. If that is as far as you have allowed your context to grow, then that is the only thing you can possibly see. That’s the only possible experience you can have. Each moment you will continually collect evidence that supports your worldviews. However if you expand that context to include the possibility of peace, love and abundance, you have just chan ged the way you experience the world. You start to see evidence of peace, love and abundance. Suddenly, the possibility of manifesting an intended experience of peace, love and abundance is not only possible, but achievable. Simply believing its possible to manifest something different influences the actions you take, and your behavior.

If you take this concept even bigger, and see everything in this light, the context becomes the nothing, EVERYTHING exist within. The context, in this larger scope, can not be labeled or identified or observed. Rather the observer, and the lens through which the observer interprets all that is, is the content contained by this infinite context. As soon as you label it, it’s content. I could say the universe is the context that everything else in existence is held, but even the universe is observable and identifiable therefore it’s content as well. The context is that which can not be named. Some call it God, but even God is content. Could this be the meaning behind the scripture “…I am that i am…” The context is ever expanding, omnipresent, omnipotent and more vast than our brains can comprehend in our 3 dimensional reality. Simply put, it’s infinite possibilities. The more we start to expand our own context and realize how infinite possibilities are in our reality you start to experience possibilities that never existed in your life before. With every conversation, every piece of information we receive, our context grows. It expands to include the possibility the new information and knowledge we have been introduced to.

life is possibilities

When you begin to see reality as a specific, and even chosen possibility, then you begin to realize that by expanding your worldviews, or context, to include other possibilities, you are empowered with this ability to manifest a reality or experience that you choose. You begin to step into the role of Author of your experiences.

Now I’m sure I didn’t explain that as well as it could have been…..and since the possibility of confusion exist in my context, some of you won’t understand what I’m saying… see how that works?


8 thoughts on “Context vs Content

  1. Quite an interesting viewpoint 🙂 You started it well giving analogies if you have expanded with those analogies and then added the broader aspect it would have been great 🙂 Nevertheless I agreed with your point 🙂 You know life is just like a sponge the more you soak it in liquid the longer it will last 🙂 Similarly it is for a writer ,the more you read the better you become 🙂


      1. Actually I always yearn for some critical views on my blogs so I thought may be my input will help you 🙂 Sorry to disappoint you 🙂 But it was great read 🙂 Don’t worry I will be a frequent one on your site 🙂 Pleasure is all mine 🙂


      2. It was no disappointment at all. Your feedback and cretique is greatly appreciated. I’m committed to growing an audience the organic way and cretique like this is greatly valued. Putting my ideas and experiences in writing in such a way that the content really lands for the reader is the sole intent of having a blog right!? I have much to learn in the way of being an effective blogger and reaching a large audience. Adjustments and changes will need to happen if I’m to reach my goals. Thanks again.

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